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Infrared Leak and Moisture Detection

State of the art leak detection equipment can help us find the water leak even if it is behind a wall. Don't let that leak damage more of your home, or worse cause mold. Our Infrared leak detector will find the leak so we can repair the problem and prevent secondary leak damages.

  • Detect water leaks and their origin in walls, floors, or roof
  • Detect plumbing issues such as blockages or leaking pipes
  • Detect electrical hot spots which can cause fire hazards
  • Detect moisture that can't be physically reached with moisture meters
  • Check energy efficiency for heating & cooling loss through windows, walls and insulation
  • Verify heating and cooling systems operations
  • Locate HVAC problem areas - loose, poorly fitting or disconnected
  • Thermography Pictures

Thermography Pictures: The Proper Documentation and Verification to Help Justify a Loss

Thermal Infrared Leak Detection and Moisture Analysis in El Paso, TX. We find the leak at it's source.

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(915) 474-9472